>harder to breathe with this love

>who has heard of this love by maroon 5? i love this song! i still don’t have a copy of the album though, still looking for time to go out and buy it (i haven’t even found time to renew my state id, what more to buy a cd?).

it’s more of the beat than the words that attracted me to this song – something very unusual with me. but after listening to it gazillions of times, even the words are catchy. i tried my best to feed her appetite / keep her coming every night / so hard to keep her satisfied / kept playing love like it was just a game / pretending to feel the same / then turn around and leave again… kinda reminds me of someone i use to know, HA!

p.s. harder to breathe? clutching your pillow and writhing in a naked sweat / hoping somebody someday will do you like i did.

>job hunting

>i was at work last night, no vacancies, so i was just telling people to go away.

i am bored with this job already, i need something new. luckily, every sunday morning, the newspaper guy gives us a free copy. went through the help wanted pages. i saw one but kinda iffy about it. it’s in a bank.

i dunno why but i have this thing against banks. i told myself over and over again that after graduation, i am not going to work in a bank.

wait a minute… after graduation. hmmm…

>richard did not survive

>i never did like rich – the first millionaire in survivor. as sue put it in the first season, he is a snake.

i waited for a particular episode since cbs advertised this pretty good: a survivor attacked by a shark! now that’s crap.

a shark did not attack richard. richard attacked the shark.

here’s the story. he went out fishing for the tribe. he wanted to get some rays since there are a lot swimming around. but he found this shark hiding under the rocks. they were in the shallow parts of the waters, maybe three to three and a half feet deep. so he grabbed this poor little shark, not bigger than paris hilton’s chihuahua tinkerbell, and did not let go while he kept his head above the water. this little shark, squirming for his life, felt that he had to defend himself from this big attacking pig… er, creature. so the shark bit richard on his arm. so richard was running around, a shark hanging on his arm, and starting hitting this small shark with rocks! the poor thing! and that’s not the end of it, richard bit the shark!

suffice to say, they had a good dinner. but the shark had his revenge – richard was voted out the following week.

>accounting high, manufacturing burgers, and a rosie-wedding

>i’m great in my accounting classes. lemme rephrase that: i kick ass in accounting. i’m pretty good at it even my grades in my previous college beg to differ. maybe because i’m more focused now with graduating since i feel like i’m the only one in college from my high school class. um, i could actually think of another one. hi, pau!

don’t get me wrong though, accounting is not my passion — i’m just good at it by nature. hey, it might sound like i’m bragging about it but can i help it if i don’t put effort to be good with numbers? haha!

i’m going to have another test this coming monday, and i’m all excited! we did a review in class today and it looked like i had a coffee buzz in class.


has anyone seen that article in new york times about the white house considering shifting the burger industry to the manufacturing world? that’s alot of bull. there are so many issues why i should not like bush but more than half of them i do not really understand but when it comes to economics, i’ll put my two cents worth in.

due to the decline in jobs over the past two years, thanks to the unfortunate 9/11, the manufacturing industry looks bad and anything looking bad reflects bush’s administration. how to tweek the numbers? he, or at least his cohorts, are thinking about changing flipping burgers to manufacturing from a service-oriented industry. with fastfood chains like mcdonald’s and burger king, this will raise the employment rate in the manufacturing biz! that’s cheating! well, I think it’s cheating.

there’s a backlash, though. mcdonald’s is considering using accelerated depreciation since that depreciation method is only allowed on the manufacturing industry. accelerated depreciation means bigger depreciation expense which brings down their income meaning less taxes. HA!


rosie o’donnell got married yesterday in san francisco! wow…

i have nothing against gay marriages, and i’m pretty happy that bush blatantly showed that he is against it.

can’t wait to vote.