>the day after the oscars

>i am so happy to see sean penn win an oscar for mystic river. i think it’s a bit delayed since i saw him in i am sam, and i thought he should have won then. i haven’t seen the pianist, but adrien brody better did one hell of an acting job there.

charlize theron won the best actress award, which i also thought was just right. i think she did good in monster. she was a pretty convincing as an ugly lady. wouldn’t she be a threat to not-so-pretty actresses around? anyway, i didn’t know she’s with stuart townsend (sidebar: i think he is a better lestat than tom cruise).

i’m not too thrilled with renee zellweger, though. i think holly hunter was better than her, it’s just that renee is a more popular choice. don’t get me wrong, renee is good but i don’t think she is as good as hunter.

sofia coppola won best original screenplay. now the coppola family has another oscar winner. if i’m not mistaken, she is the first american woman to be nominated for best directing (which was won by peter jackson). i was rooting for her for best directing, but i knew jackson was going to get it.

it was a sweep for lord of the rings when it came to best picture. again, i wasn’t surprised. it was the most popular choice. doesn’t that suck? there is actually a separate list for who should win and who would win.

even the oscars is politically inclined.