>granma’s birthday

>i didn’t know that my granma’s birthday is on a march day as well, just like me and my bro saul. maybe that is why even after seventeen or so years not seeing each other, we still a different kind of connection. maybe because we are both pisceans. or maybe because i’m her eldest’s eldest. or maybe i’m just damn lovable, HA!

anyway, she’s 67 today… something i shouldn’t have said but there it is. i sometimes regret the fact that somehow, i was robbed of a could-have-been-a-deeper relationship with her. of course, there is no one to blame, i just feel cheated. like i said, she’s 67 now, out of all those years, i’ve only been around for less than two years out of 23 years of being her grandson. sigh…

happy birthday, granma! i’m glad i made it home.