>mcdo’s dilemma

>once upon a time, i mentioned somewhere here that mcdonald’s might end up as a manufacturing industry. here’s another story.

mcdonald’s is not going to have their supersize fries anymore.

as my friend rey said… “what?!”

well, mcdonald’s said it is a health issue. well, health issue my ass, i know mcdonald’s is in trouble. last year, mcdonald’s did something they haven’t done in like forty years – reported a quarterly loss. but come on, think about it, after the big mac and the mc chicken nuggets, mcdonald’s wasn’t able to come up with new innovations. and even if mcdonald’s is still raking in cash and still making enough profits to keep the bottom line figures look okay, the cash is coming from outside the US. i heard last year, mcdonald’s opened 3,000 more stores, most of which is outside the borders.

doesn’t it scare you that mcdonald’s, the donald trump of the burger-flipping industry, is in a shaky situation?

>grace’s grace

>now this girl is from a different plane of existence, she was – in a twisted sense – sucked into this world. we should not be together in the same plane because we are the same person.

she was born on march 3 – me? the 8th. our favorite color is blue. we both have a mole on our chins – both slightly on the left side and weren’t as conspicuous when we were younger. we both love to dance. we were always on top of our classes. we are both still in college, both always late in class. she has a great voice and should sing more often, i, on the otherhand, sing too often and should not. we are both the eldest kids in the family, both our dads travel alot in a ship. we both love will and grace, the x-files and the wonder years! i’m guessing she loves a walk to remember – the only chick flick i would admit that i liked and almost made me cry. and damn it, we are both easy on the eyes.

like i said, we are the same person.

not a single day passes without me thinking of her – well, that’s because i have our one and only picture together stuck on my wall, just infront of my desk where i always sit to read. i think i would not be the person that i am today if i didn’t meet this girl who complements me. she is the heart to the soul that is me.

sophia deanne grace manalo, happy birthday! i wish i could be there to give you a wet smack, be thankful i’m stuck here for a while, HA! i really miss you, grace!

my only concern is when she was born, five days later, i turned one.