>hoag hall – art gallery

>was in the art gallery earlier today. there is this video installation by people from denver (i think) and it kinda reminded me of the russian in sex and the city.

the first one i saw was this labyrinth-like pile of rocks and stones. and as you go in, the rocks and stones become tighter. like as you walk in, you feel your energy being suppressed and you feel like you have to break free and all. then, on the way out, there is this release of your wound up emotions.

doesn’t make that much of a sense, but it kinda sound poetic, don’t you think? 🙂

next one is a computer application thingie. it’s a picture in 360 view, just click and drag. it doesn’t touch any of my emotions mainly because i’ve seen the place before, it looks like the family ranch. it felt like standing up in our hills looking down. i don’t get it, frankly.

i like the third one, alot! there is this essay while you look at the tv screen. the artist was saying something about how she thought water and fire are exact opposites, that the absence of one is the presence of the other, and the presence of one extinguishes the other. but after so many months of contemplation and staring at an open fire, she saw how the fire movement is very much fluid like water. since then, she never thought the two were opposites. doesn’t that sound like a good story?

the fourth one is another i didn’t understand. two tv screens showing the same thing. it has a very the ring feel to it, since the screens only showed a clock. that’s it.

anyway, the last one has about nine or ten, maybe even twelve wall clocks, and all run backwards! even the numbers on the face are all wrong. it was so cool! and written below the clocks are phrases about time like, one leg at a time, father time, time after time. it was indeed pretty cool.