>yesterday, god knocked at my door

>to those who know me pretty well, they would be shocked with this story:

somebody was able to offend me by making a religious remark.

the shocking parts here are first: i was offended. nothing offends me. i attack when somebody attacks me, my friends or my family. i attack not because they offended me / my friends / my family, but just the mere fact i (we) was (were) attacked. but to take offense? i can clearly draw a line there, some may not be able to do the same, i guess.

second: it was a religious remark. many knows that i’m a christian who has more than fifteen years of catholic education and all, but that fact makes me so aware that i’m not going to heaven, granting there is a heaven. that my soul, if i have one, may possibly be not saved by god, if he exists. but then again, if he does exist, i know he’s merciful enough to let me in up there. or at least mary would.

i was so infuriated, that i can’t even remember the remark this other student made.

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