>apartment 201

>i haven’t really sat down and give more time in this blogging thing. at night, after a long day of debits and credits, of break even points and cost curves, of caravaggio’s paintings and african sculptures, many thoughts bug my head by i’m just too tired to haul my ass and type something.

let me start by telling you guys about my roommates.

it’s been like three weeks since i have seen my roomie jess. she usually goes back to colorado springs thursday nights since she dropped her friday morning class. but if she does stay on thursdays, we usually end up in denny’s – an all-day breakfast place. she’ll always have moons over my hammy, with a side of fries. then she’ll ask for a small saucer for her ketchup. me, every night is a different skillet meal for me 🙂 we would leave the apartment around nine in the evening, after all our shows (survivor, tru calling, csi, the apprentice… we have four vcrs at home, we usually tape the shows since they are on all at the same time!) but we won’t go straight to denny’s since our favorite waiter won’t be there til ten. we would just drive around the area, maybe go to walmart’s to buy some milk, stuff like that. then by ten, we would wait for our waiter. we would just talk and talk and talk til around two in the morning. that’s when we head home. but when we reach the apartment, we would just end up talking more or playing x-box in her room or make fun of the online chatters.

sigh… i miss my roomie. she hasn’t been home for a while since her mom had a knee surgery and she has to stay home with her. hopefully she would be back on monday.

kim, my other roomie, and i has been spending time, too. she used to be reserved and would always stay inside of her room. then we found a common ground – american idol! every tuesday and wednesday night are our nights! no one dares to touch the remote, else, it could get ugly. and since both of us don’t really cook, and jess is not around (the official cook), we ended up ordering pizza for each other for one whole week. we had at least six pizza boxes at home by friday – papa john’s, blackjacks, little ceasar and domino’s. i wonder why we never tried pizza hut? hmmm…

dan, the other roomie, is… dan. he’s different. he doesn’t like hanging out with. he prefers to hang out with her girlfriend. too much. he’s always in the dorms, or maybe in our next door neighbors but never in the house. he would be out like til two in the morning. i dunno, he’s different. but he did bring his home gym equipment with him. so jess and i ended up lifting weights. just for one night.