>what i do for some dough

>my friend bibba asked me what i do in the motel this morning. she wasn’t really sure what a night auditor does, mainly because i told her i just dance and sing in the back office late at night.

well, i usually get there about fifteen minutes before my shift at 10pm. i always do that so that if the one doing the swing shift, 2pm-10pm, has already done the reports and somebody comes in to check in, i could do that for him/her so s/he doesn’t have to redo all his/her work.

i start off with printing all the reports starting my shift, like the guest list, the stay-overs, any adjustments through out the day, the day end summary reports, the registration numbers used all through out the day. stuff like that. then, i check the safe log, like how much money came out of the safe, who took them out, who dropped money in and how much. then i compare that with the computer logs and the manual logs. yeah, i know, it’s pretty strict around here with the logs, that’s the only way the night auditor can check the money in the safe since i can’t and am not allowed to open the safe.

then i check the credit card transactions. i reconcile the slips that we have with the summary of the computers.

after all that (usually i finish around midnight), i just wait for people who might want to check in. by this time, the front door in the lobby is locked already, and all check ins are done in the window. by the way, i’m all alone in the motel! the creepy part is that i have to go through the laundry room to go to the bathroom. it’s pretty scary there.

here’s the boring part. after all those reports, there’s nothing to do! i just sit there, read, watch tv or listen to the radio. that’s why i told bibba that i just sing and dance there! just to keep me awake. also, i consume about five cups of coffee.

around four in the morning, i start another long lists of reports. i practically close my shift before five even if i’m still around til 6am. after closing my shift, i close all accounts for the day. that’s the fun part of staring at numbers! i have like fifty pages of numbers to look at and check, and that’s a slow night! during summer when the motel is at its peak, i could looking at 200 or more pages of reports!

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