>i’m in love!

>my ate i.n knows me too well.

this morning in my financial class, i sent a text message to ate telling her i’m in love and she replied with something like sa ano? (with what?) rather than kanino? (with whom?).

after my class yesterday, i went home and ordered pizza then went to sleep four slices later. i woke up around nine, and decided to finish my accounting homework so i went down stairs. well, jess is back in the apartment at last, she greeted me pretty warmly with “hey, happy fuckin’ birthday!” – now ain’t that sweet? – anyway, she found her maroon 5 cd! we’ve turned her room upside already looking for it, and it turned out that it’s in her mom’s place.

she made me listen to track number four – and totally fell in love with the song! it’s called she will be loved and i insist you listen to it! it’s great!

i have the lyrics somewhere here, at the left panels.