>bus ride

>every bus ride i take is different. today is the same.

my accounting class was full of distractions. first, my teacher decided to wear a pin-striped black suit over light blue shirt and a red tie, and gray pants with immaculately white sneakers. i’m not sure what the color of his socks are, but i’m hoping they are not black. after class, went home to look for my old colorado state id to renew it. on my way to the dmv, it was pretty ok. but on the way back, it was pretty weird.

it was like god let loose all the freaks and made sure all of them track me down. maybe they’re looking for a leader. anyway, this old chinese looking guy sat next to me. more than twenty vacant seats, and he chose the one next to me. then a lady came in with fish in her bag. reminds me how lipa’s palengke smells like. and i swear to god, the other guy in the bus was either hammered or loaded.

i’m not taking the bus anymore. unless i have to.