>art history

>every time that i have my art history class, i almost always send rey a text message. in this class, full of art major students, we always see paintings and sculptures of naked women, and everybody is so… so… so asexual about it! no malice at all. trying to keep my standards of immorality, i need to talk to somebody who is almost as (im)morally skewed as i am. hence, rey comes into the picture.

today was different though, the paintings we looked at were meant to have sexual suggestiveness. you can ask rey, i didn’t text him today in class.

we were discussing rococo art in the 18th century when louis xiv died (finally!) and ended his long reign. rococo art is very baroque if you think about it, only more delicate and ornate. it’s like comparing kris aquino and john lapus – both are loud-mouthed, but john is more colorful and he exaggerates more.

one of the paintings we talked about was of jean-antoine wattaue, pilgrimage to the island of cythera. in the painting, the aristocrats of france are having this “picnic” in the island of venus (aphrodite). i think they are delusional. it’s their metaphoric “escape” from france, since france is in shambles during the 18th century pre-french revolution. nothing too suggestive in here, except maybe to the one guy leaning over to this girl saying something like, “hey, let’s meet later when your husband is busy with his affairs.”

my favorite when it comes to subtle naughtiness has to be fragonard! he is sooooo funny. he has this painting called the swing, but others call it the happy accidents in the swing and for a reason! if you look closely at the girl in the picture, she is throwing off her shoe, letting this guy take a peek of what’s under her dress! hahaha! what an invitation! it’s like she’s saying, “hey there! stick around, my shoes are not the only ones coming off!”

then came jean-baptiste grueze. he, on the other hand, made paintings for the middle class people. the irony here is he used rococo in his style of painting which is mainly for the rich guys, and yet he did the painting for the masses. the broken jug has a very emotional intensity i could not explain. this twelve-thirteen year-old girl with a broken pitcher, clutching flowers in her dress has so much meaning. see, flowers usually mean love (duh!) and the symbolism of a broken jug is losing one’s virginity. and the look on her face! like someone got into her pants – or in this case, dress – with a promise of love but after that, he left her. now ain’t that sad?