>was checking out my friendster account and saw rey’s latest bulletin. he claims he got bored. well, i’m making the same claim.

INSTRUCTIONS: write the first thing that comes into your mind when you read these words:

coffee = i need more.

yellow = pikachu

pillow = drool stains

britney = in her see through daimond encrusted suit dancing on all fours.

jLo = green versace dress

pink = believe it or not, pikachu

Josh Hartnett = that girl who was also in A Knight’s Tale

Tom Welling = Somebody save me…

popcorn = yuck.

summer = lemery

winter = snow

spring = spring break!

autumn = pumpkins

lamer = lamer? what’s lamer?

Raymond = debra

Utt = ten (read that again)

party = rave

S.H.E = stockholders’ equity

memories = cats. not cats cats, but the play cats. isabelle i think was the name of that cat who sang memories

sushi = sashimi

neo-prints = neo-pets

Sorry = is all that you can’t say…

enemy = i am everyone’s nyahahahahaha!

dog = hate them

country = pinas

love = love, love, ULUL!

gf’s ex = not quite enough compared to me, nyahahaha!

liars = beware

Sean Paul = jamaican ladies shakin’ their asses

WWE = fake

jealousy = wasted emotions

bed = got room for one more -> rey’s answer, i concur!

clubbing = peppers in pueblo, rumbays in springs

Angel = me. don’t you laugh. i mean it. hell, i said stop it!

thanksgiving = poor indians, they didn’t know what’s going to happen next

aloha = white beaches

marina = rayearth

sex = what’s that?!

criticism = KIKO! -> rey’s answer. i am deeply touched… down there.

jokes = RYAN ANGELA DIMAYUGA – rey’s answer (again). i reckon.

traitor = that girl in the apprentice

sports = sweat

cuba = cigars

marriage = see “sex”

fire = shield

ice = tokiya mikigami

ballpen = parker

college = csu-pueblo

post-its = not quite enough

>the passion

>i hate management. my management grad buds, sorry, but i just hate the damn course.

tuesdays, i only have two classes: financial accounting and strategy and policy management. today, i had an exam on both.

accounting was okay. i only spent thirty minutes finishing a hundred-item test. no, i’m not bragging. i’ve said this so many times: my brain only works for thirty minutes, anything beyond that is just plain blah. anyway, the exam wasn’t really hard, just worked on the difference between the periodic and perpetual system. nothing big.

then, my management class. here’s my argument: nothing is definite in management. everything is in contingent. everything is in a case to case basis. nothing is quantifiable. i don’t like that. i would rather do hours and hours of labor doing paperworks from journalizing the entry all the way to financial statements preparation than study a case.

anyway, the exam has only seven questions – all essay questions! no kiddin’, my pen ran out of ink. i had seven pages with just one question on each page. and it’s not like i can be just direct to the point, i have to goddam elaborate. by the time i finished the exam, my fingers were numb. so was my ass.

i hate management. i hate it with a passion.


>was checking my friend markie’s blog, and was pretty alarmed. it was the most stupid thing i’ve ever seen. sorry, markiepot, pero it’s just wrong to say something like that. anyway, kiko showed some concern (very rare) and later got an e-mail from him.

after reading the e-mail and replying and all, i realized that people sometimes tend to ask for my advice. not really ask, maybe hint that they want my advice.

i am never good in giving advices. there should be a law against asking for my advice.

i never give sound advices! if everyone asks for an advice, we are all screwed. but what i lack in giving advices, i make up for giving honest opinions. maybe my friends are just looking for a different perspective or maybe even a slap on the face (not literally), to hear from somebody else what’s inside their heads.

just a piece of advice (hahahaha): if i tell you what you should do, take it as my opinion, not an advice.