>was checking my friend markie’s blog, and was pretty alarmed. it was the most stupid thing i’ve ever seen. sorry, markiepot, pero it’s just wrong to say something like that. anyway, kiko showed some concern (very rare) and later got an e-mail from him.

after reading the e-mail and replying and all, i realized that people sometimes tend to ask for my advice. not really ask, maybe hint that they want my advice.

i am never good in giving advices. there should be a law against asking for my advice.

i never give sound advices! if everyone asks for an advice, we are all screwed. but what i lack in giving advices, i make up for giving honest opinions. maybe my friends are just looking for a different perspective or maybe even a slap on the face (not literally), to hear from somebody else what’s inside their heads.

just a piece of advice (hahahaha): if i tell you what you should do, take it as my opinion, not an advice.

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