>was checking out my friendster account and saw rey’s latest bulletin. he claims he got bored. well, i’m making the same claim.

INSTRUCTIONS: write the first thing that comes into your mind when you read these words:

coffee = i need more.

yellow = pikachu

pillow = drool stains

britney = in her see through daimond encrusted suit dancing on all fours.

jLo = green versace dress

pink = believe it or not, pikachu

Josh Hartnett = that girl who was also in A Knight’s Tale

Tom Welling = Somebody save me…

popcorn = yuck.

summer = lemery

winter = snow

spring = spring break!

autumn = pumpkins

lamer = lamer? what’s lamer?

Raymond = debra

Utt = ten (read that again)

party = rave

S.H.E = stockholders’ equity

memories = cats. not cats cats, but the play cats. isabelle i think was the name of that cat who sang memories

sushi = sashimi

neo-prints = neo-pets

Sorry = is all that you can’t say…

enemy = i am everyone’s nyahahahahaha!

dog = hate them

country = pinas

love = love, love, ULUL!

gf’s ex = not quite enough compared to me, nyahahaha!

liars = beware

Sean Paul = jamaican ladies shakin’ their asses

WWE = fake

jealousy = wasted emotions

bed = got room for one more -> rey’s answer, i concur!

clubbing = peppers in pueblo, rumbays in springs

Angel = me. don’t you laugh. i mean it. hell, i said stop it!

thanksgiving = poor indians, they didn’t know what’s going to happen next

aloha = white beaches

marina = rayearth

sex = what’s that?!

criticism = KIKO! -> rey’s answer. i am deeply touched… down there.

jokes = RYAN ANGELA DIMAYUGA – rey’s answer (again). i reckon.

traitor = that girl in the apprentice

sports = sweat

cuba = cigars

marriage = see “sex”

fire = shield

ice = tokiya mikigami

ballpen = parker

college = csu-pueblo

post-its = not quite enough

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