>the passion

>i hate management. my management grad buds, sorry, but i just hate the damn course.

tuesdays, i only have two classes: financial accounting and strategy and policy management. today, i had an exam on both.

accounting was okay. i only spent thirty minutes finishing a hundred-item test. no, i’m not bragging. i’ve said this so many times: my brain only works for thirty minutes, anything beyond that is just plain blah. anyway, the exam wasn’t really hard, just worked on the difference between the periodic and perpetual system. nothing big.

then, my management class. here’s my argument: nothing is definite in management. everything is in contingent. everything is in a case to case basis. nothing is quantifiable. i don’t like that. i would rather do hours and hours of labor doing paperworks from journalizing the entry all the way to financial statements preparation than study a case.

anyway, the exam has only seven questions – all essay questions! no kiddin’, my pen ran out of ink. i had seven pages with just one question on each page. and it’s not like i can be just direct to the point, i have to goddam elaborate. by the time i finished the exam, my fingers were numb. so was my ass.

i hate management. i hate it with a passion.

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