>hbo was showing dare devil last month. a particular scene made me remember my lavoxa days.

deejay is one funny guy. he is an ex-marine so anything he touches could be a weapon. he even showed me how a five-peso bill can be a weapon! we were making jokes one day (as any other day in lavoxa) that he would be in a mission, and his superior would give him a paper clip while riding a plane or a chopper or whatever, and his superior would tell him, “survive” and pushes him off the plane. from there rooted sooo many jokes, and one of them is people being scared of him because he has a paper clip. people screaming “get out of the way, deej is here WITH A PAPER CLIP, AHHHH!”.

then come dare devil. there is this scene where bullseye, played by colin farrel (or is farell?), uses a paper clip to kill this fat guy.

what a rip-off! deej, you should be compensated.