>last night, i was in a threesome

>i don’t think i have shown any appreciation to most of my friends. i mean, i don’t think they are aware of how much they mean to me, just mainly i don’t tell them. i just hope that when words fail me, and taken aside my cold-hearted facade, they would feel and know how much they are wanted.

drama mode [on]

yesterday, i sent rey a text message asking him if i could call that night, just because. i don’t know if rey has any idea how i worry about him so much, and i always tell ate i.n that. me and ate talk every night, so i’m pretty aware of what’s going on with her. unlike rey, we text everyday but that’s about it. even if he’s doing ok, i do not know that. i worry because something might be worrying him. maybe it’s the chismoso in me, or the intrimitida in me, but i can only be calm if i know everybody i care about is safe.

so that night, i called up ate, i told her to call up rey and we had our threesome. we slept with all three phones connected.