>not much

>i haven’t been blogging for a while. there’s not much going on, so i guess there’s not much to say. everything is a routine for a while: work, sleep, eat, clean. not in that order though, mostly sleeping since i am really burned out from work. had to work extra shifts because of this convention that tok place two days ago. i know i’m a great night auditor (yabangan na!) but my manager needed me to do check ins. fuck.

we have three shifts at work: day, swing and night audit. day shift has got to be the easiest shift, i’ve done it several times but not too often. it’s mainly checking people out from their rooms and deactivating the keys. the main concern really is making sure everybody who should check out are out by noon. swing shift i hate the most. it’s mainly cheking people in. we were fully booked since thursday so it was pretty hectic. last friday, i got there around 2pm and wasn’t able to sit down til 6pm. i hate swing shifts but my manager “claims” she needed someone she could depend on during this heavy loaded occassion. there are four people who could do swing, and she fucking chose me. sometimes it’s hard to be so good at your work. it’s so lonely at the top… i’m so tired of success… HAHAHA! just kiddin’! and lastly, night audit. and like i said, i kick ass with this. i can spot a discrepancy within the first five minutes i start my reports.

i gotta go now, still have three hours to sleep before i get ready for work. ciao!

>a part of me you might not want to know…you were properly warned

>i gave up sex a few months ago. casual sex, at least. i think i’m done with having sex with people i barely know or do not know at all. my closest friends are having a hard time believing this. to quote my friend rey when i said “nagpapakabait na ako”: ows?.

this is no moral decision because i am morally-skewed. considering my knowledge regarding catholicism, i know i am going to hell. i’ll probably meet most of my friends there, so we’ll party when we get there.

anyway, because of this decision (reminds me of the movie 40days and 40 nights), my body has been acting up! like what pringles said: once you pop, you can’t stop. i even switched to boxer briefs than ordinary boxers just to hide my -er..- “happiness”. HAHAHA! i am a walking hard on.

oh, fuck. i AM a walking hard on.

i think i’ll have that on my grave stone. hmmm…

francis k maes

a walking hard on.

we could barely close the casket.

i like it.

>feel bad :-(

>i don’t feel too great lately. two weeks ago, i covered somebody’s shift for five nights (10pm to 6am), and it messed up my bio clock bigtime. i spend the following week chatting with leo through e-mailing since i couldn’t sleep. then come this saturday night, was too busy at work that when i got home sunday morning, slept all the way til 7pm! just in time to watch the season finale of charmed. that means i didn’t eat for like 20 hours. then i went to work and made the mistake of drinking sprite on a very empty stomach. had a fiesta salad around midnight. then on my way home in the bus, i really felt like throwing up. must be because i was playing with my gameboy on a moving bus, with my sweatshirt on on a pretty hot morning and quite hungry already.

and i can’t really rest right now because i have to look for an apartment!