>california, here we come…

>no, i’m not going to california. it’s the theme from the oc, the best show on earth since dawson’s creek.

the season ended last night. it was a special event, so i went home to my dad’s place so i could watch it with the family. yes, my dad watches the oc.

and by golly, this is the worst cliffhanger ever! marissa (mishca barton) moved in with her mom and her new stepdad, who is kirsten’s (kelly rowan) father, sandy’s (peter gallagher) wife. to make things worse, ryan (benjamin mckenzie) moved out of the pool house so he can take care of theresa who stupidly got pregnant, which leaves seth (adam brody) totally frustrated since ryan was his stronghold. the idiot went out sailing to god-knows-where leaving summer (rachel bilson) totally unaware.

the cast:

L to R, standing: tate donovan aka jennifer aniston’s exbf; rachel bilson; melinda clarke aka thank-god-she-has-a-career-after-playing-a-dementend-goddess-in-xena; peter gallagher; kelly rowan; chris carmack who played luke, marissa’s exbf who had an affair (get ready for this) marissa’s mom.

L to R, sitting: the prettiest girl at the moment mischa barton; benjamin mckenzie and adam brody.

hmmm… i need a life.

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