>amber won!

>my money was on amber, and i was soooo right.

the final four were rupert, jenna, rob mariano and amber – the four who originally had an alliance. i thought jenna was pretty stupid for voting off rupert, she had a better chance if she voted off one of the sweethearts. anyway, the final immunity challenge was an endurance challenge, as always when there are only three left. jenna lost against the two, and what a surprise, amber and boston rob started to make a deal that went nowhere because amber accidentally touched the immunity idol. at one point there, i became to be suspicious if these two really are together or are they playing each other. but anyway, rob got the immunity and voted off jenna.

the last tribal council was emotionally intense! let’s start with lex, he was really pissed off at rob. i remember that episode, amber was on the other tribe and rob asked lex to take care of her and lex did. but rob screwed him and voted lex off immediately after the merge. then, kathy. she was a sucker – and she admit to it! she was hurt with rob’s actions but still at the end, she voted for rob! alicia, oh my my, alicia… she said something like she was having a hard time whom to vote for because both of them has crap coming out of their lips! HAHAHAHA! jenna and rupert were pretty calm since the rob and amber did kept their words to them about being the final four. shii ann was the most objective one i think, saying it was a game and nothing more than that. she even said that people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. but tom, now he was pissed! even more than lex. he was about to shake rob’s hands saying “no hard feelings” but when rob was about to reach his hand, tom took back his hand and said, “don’t be stupid, stupid.” wow…

anyway, it was a a four to three vote, shii ann being the swing vote. so amber decided to give the car she got from rob (rob won a reward challenge and gave amber a car) since she got the million.

in the reunion show in madison square garden, rob proposed to amber. it looked staged to me. but anyway, either way, amber is a millionaire! HAHAHAHA!

there was a big surprise though, the audience can give somebody another million! people can vote online til the 12th of may for somebody among the 18 (yes, including amber) who we think should have a million. i think rupert deserves the million. per game, i thought amber deserved to win but as characters, rupert should have one.

speaking of character, jerri (from the australian outback) made a comment that they are people and not charcters in a show. even before she started talking, madison square garden booed her! and after the commercial break, she wasn’t there anymore. the bitch took off.

here’s a little something: amber hooked up with rob just as a strategy. well, eventually, she fell for him, HAHAHA! the defining moment, she said, was when they were apart. she realized she missed him. but some to think of it, that was a great strategy, letting rob take all the bullets while she hang on to the greatest player. i better right that down, HAHAHA!

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