>last tuesday was american idol night. jasmine, latoya, fantasia and diana were the top four competing.

as usual, fantasia and latoya did great, no doubt about that. diana did well that night too. simon even said that all the time, he thought it would be a fantasia-latoya battle in the end, but after diana’s performance, she can break that fight. jasmine did ok too, but not as good as the other three. jasmine has this problem of settling with okay rather than stepping up. simon mentioned that before, he thinks that jasmine is going now, but after her song, he is sure she’s gone. that made jasmine cry after her second song.

no one makes my jasmine cry! sent text messages to friends from california to new jersey. used my dad’s phone and mine and called the vote line for about an hour. no joke, i probably called more than fifty times.

and guess what, it paid off! HAHAHA! latoya got booted out, HAHAHAHA! not only that, she was in the top two most voted along with diana degarmo HAHAHA!

yeah, yeah, maybe she got some sympathy votes because she cried, but that doen’t explain why fantasia and latoya were the bottom two.