>feel bad :-(

>i don’t feel too great lately. two weeks ago, i covered somebody’s shift for five nights (10pm to 6am), and it messed up my bio clock bigtime. i spend the following week chatting with leo through e-mailing since i couldn’t sleep. then come this saturday night, was too busy at work that when i got home sunday morning, slept all the way til 7pm! just in time to watch the season finale of charmed. that means i didn’t eat for like 20 hours. then i went to work and made the mistake of drinking sprite on a very empty stomach. had a fiesta salad around midnight. then on my way home in the bus, i really felt like throwing up. must be because i was playing with my gameboy on a moving bus, with my sweatshirt on on a pretty hot morning and quite hungry already.

and i can’t really rest right now because i have to look for an apartment!