>a part of me you might not want to know…you were properly warned

>i gave up sex a few months ago. casual sex, at least. i think i’m done with having sex with people i barely know or do not know at all. my closest friends are having a hard time believing this. to quote my friend rey when i said “nagpapakabait na ako”: ows?.

this is no moral decision because i am morally-skewed. considering my knowledge regarding catholicism, i know i am going to hell. i’ll probably meet most of my friends there, so we’ll party when we get there.

anyway, because of this decision (reminds me of the movie 40days and 40 nights), my body has been acting up! like what pringles said: once you pop, you can’t stop. i even switched to boxer briefs than ordinary boxers just to hide my -er..- “happiness”. HAHAHA! i am a walking hard on.

oh, fuck. i AM a walking hard on.

i think i’ll have that on my grave stone. hmmm…

francis k maes

a walking hard on.

we could barely close the casket.

i like it.