>not much

>i haven’t been blogging for a while. there’s not much going on, so i guess there’s not much to say. everything is a routine for a while: work, sleep, eat, clean. not in that order though, mostly sleeping since i am really burned out from work. had to work extra shifts because of this convention that tok place two days ago. i know i’m a great night auditor (yabangan na!) but my manager needed me to do check ins. fuck.

we have three shifts at work: day, swing and night audit. day shift has got to be the easiest shift, i’ve done it several times but not too often. it’s mainly checking people out from their rooms and deactivating the keys. the main concern really is making sure everybody who should check out are out by noon. swing shift i hate the most. it’s mainly cheking people in. we were fully booked since thursday so it was pretty hectic. last friday, i got there around 2pm and wasn’t able to sit down til 6pm. i hate swing shifts but my manager “claims” she needed someone she could depend on during this heavy loaded occassion. there are four people who could do swing, and she fucking chose me. sometimes it’s hard to be so good at your work. it’s so lonely at the top… i’m so tired of success… HAHAHA! just kiddin’! and lastly, night audit. and like i said, i kick ass with this. i can spot a discrepancy within the first five minutes i start my reports.

i gotta go now, still have three hours to sleep before i get ready for work. ciao!

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