>my twin brother

>here’s a pic of my twin brother marty. as you can see, being good-looking runs in the genes.


>took my brother saul to watch harry potter last week. and i must say, i did sorta like this one, considering i’m no harry potter fan.

the only thing that bothers me is these kids are growing way too fast. i look at harry in the opening scenes and i thought, this is no thirteen year old kid (he wasn’t – he’s fourteen already). at this rate, he’ll be at least eighteen if he continues playing the role of harry til all the books are turned to movies already. which is kinda ok since the guy playing malfoy is seventeen already and is getting ready for college. but wait, that means he’ll be too old to play malfoy? not my prob.

and emma watson, wow. i mean, i know this is so wrong, but that girl is starting to fill up ’em sweatshirts. she put the bra in kadabra HAHAHAHA!