>the fab four

>upon bibba’s request, here are my bros and my sis.

l to r: that would be angel. a misnomer, really. i once told our dad that i know i could face the devil and tell him “i’m not scared of you — i have a sister.” then there’s saul, crooked teeth. but that’s ok, he’s just nine, hopefully they’re not permanent yet. then there’s iya, mr. bubba! he can’t live without his bottle. and of course marty. marty and iya can duke it out like maniacs!


>i spend most of the time in the shower not by scrubbing but dancing and singing. ate in knows about it since she at least twice stayed with me on speakerphone while i took a shower.

my favorite album to listen to has to elephunk by the black-eyed peas. first song i listen to is let’s get retarded which they released as let’s get it started for, well, obvious reasons. though the radio edit sucks, the video is great! ang kulit! and that thing fergie does at the start of the video, that sway dance, wow… kinda reminds me of the late aaliyah.