>to do list

>go to school

i need to talk to my adviser AGAIN regarding my financial awards status. this is a must since school costs like $2000 and there is no way i can pay that from my own pockets! also, need to go online, have no internet connection at home (that might change in a few months). i also wanna visit the nursing department and talk with some friends. hey, maybe hoi will be there (don’t know hoi? belat). i also need to check out some prices for airline tickets. so far, the cheapest i could find is like $1400. still have to call aunt renee, she knows a travel agent 🙂

go to the post office

why you ask, to get me a passport! i lost my passport somewhere in my stuff and i think it would be better just to get a new one than looking for the old one then surrending it for a new passport.

go to my eye doctor

am wearing my last pair of contacts. i NEED to see my eye doctor.

either go to barnes and nobles or ross

either i’m gonna get some books to feed my mind or go shopping to feed my style.

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