>good thing i wasn’t taking a dump

>i got home last night and what to i see when i peed? this:

and it’s right above the toilet seat! called the maintenance guy already, they should be here tomorrow morning. now how am i gonna take a dump with that above!

oh shoot… now i have visions of gigantic spiders coming out of it.

>my peruvian princess

>i took like a thirty-minute nap and i miss a phone call from one of my friends! i got a call from claudia, a friend of mine who is from peru. we met in a math class where we both hate this one black guy in class. once, i was in the computer lab just playing waiting for my math class, and i heard somebody say “you should be studying” and when i turned around, it was mr. black guy. even before i could say anything he was gone. in the back of my mind, i yelled back, “you’re the one who should be studying!” the jerk. the next week, he dropped from the class just a week before the midterms. HA! there was this other time when he kept asking the same question over and over again, and it wasn’t really that hard to comprehend. then all of a sudden, out of the blue, i heard claudia “whispering” to her self: “why is it so hard for you to understand?!” the problem was her whisper was heard by the whole class. everybody was shocked by the unadulterated expression of confusion. ah… blatant truth – we hit it off right away!

anyway, i thought graduated last semester, i’m not sure though, so i’m just gonna call her back tomorrow morning 🙂