>the dance

>would you be interested in dancing with me?

and maybe tell me all your dreams

talk to me like you would in your sleep

don’t censor anything

cause i wanna hear everything

there’s no innocence left to spoil

you can swear she’s not a little boy

we’ll fly tonight so far away

where they will never find us

use your wings and i will run fast

cause that’s what i do when i’m not afraid

we’ve got it made up in our heads

we don’t have to wait for anyone or anything

go anywhere we desire

so close your eyes become blind

from the world listen instead to the girl

she’ll tell you why she chose to fly

and you’re left behind

just like me alone and free

we can smile when we’ve filled the void

and treated the burn

but until then i believe

we’re gonna have to learn

to discard any disguise we’re using

yes it’s hard and it’s never amusing

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