>i’ve been meaning to write something but time would not just permit me. been too busy since classes started.

see, i have four accounting classes and one art class. i made the mistake of taking the federal income tax class on tuesdays and thursdays, since it is a hour-an-a-half class. i hate theories. and fed tax is basically that. like trying to figure out a person’s taxable income after deciding which of all his incomes are considered as income and taken out all the allowable exclusions for the adjusted gross income as well as the appropriate deductions – wheter itemized or standard – then getting rid of all personal and dependents exemption after taking in consideration if the person is filing as single, married but filing separately or jointly, or a surviving spouse. amen.

i love the other two accounting classes though. one is intermediate accounting which is mostly financial reporting, the other is cost accounting which is like an extension of managerial accounting. and i’m good with numbers. so good, i’m a step away from being a god.

i should be worshipped.

the art class ain’t bad at all, too. we have been doing lines. yes, lines. then from there, we jumped into drawing dogs. fuck. see, i don’t like dogs. no, i wasn’t bitten by a dog as a child, or even had a traumatic experience of a pet dog dying. i just don’t like them. by the way, i did have a puppy that died. i was around seven, and my mom and i liked to travel (still do), and we forgot we had a dog (hahaha!). when we came back from one of our many trips, the puppy is dead. from starvation. maybe ulcer. i don’t really care. maybe insanity.

back to drawing dogs. the point of the class was using lines to show expressions, and not making an anatomically correct dog. my happy dog basically looked like it’s hammered from smoking too many joints, and my angry dog looked like a wolf in prozac.

and i still have one accounting class but it won’t start til october. it’s three hours long! on tuesdays AND thursdays! crap, there goes my survivor nights on thursdays and my nip/tuck nights on tuesdays. to make things worse: it’s a CPA LAW class.


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