>a friend asked me the other day why i have this small box of support links. she was asking if i really do support these organizations or individuals. i answered with:

“fuck, yeah.”

i may not look like your typical advocate for awareness of aids, or your typical political voter. i am not as cold-hearted as you may think.

i have been supporting aids awareness since i put on my first condom. it’s not because i am squeamish about diseases and all (but true, i am) but i think we just be cautious about this sickness that is affecting forty-five million individuals in india alone. and aside from that, many of us are not ready to have kids anyway. it’s the mature thing to do, if you ask me, even if many told me that it feels different with the rubber on. i wouldn’t know.

artists against aids worldwide is headed by bono of u2, and he has been so passionate about this that i was compelled to buy the cd. i actually felt that it was my moral obligation to support such a noble deed of financing researches and studies about this deadly killer. just recently, i have heard of until there’s a cure which also supported by many artists. i did buy two of their bracelets – the jelly kinds, one black, one white. i think i’m gonna buy the leather strap bracelet on payday/

about the crayon box, it’s a pretty neat idea about the organizers thinking we are like crayons of different colors but in the same box. when you think about it, we are just like that. i for one should know that!

and john kerry? i am a democrat way before i knew what a democrat was, haha!