>ok, i’ve been stressing for the past, um, i dunno, since school started? haha!

mainly over this one class… make that two classes. income tax is a very very boring class. it’s not boring because there’s nothing interesting, it is actually a pretty interesting class… if you are into law. not that i ain’t, it’s just that i’m more interested in the crunching the numbers part in accounting rather than trying to figure out AGIs. but at least the class is consistent, meaning i am ALWAYS not looking forward for tuesdays and thursdays. the other class is not bad at all, cost accounting. after turning in this one helluva homework that took us two weeks to finish (and many did not turn in their work mainly because they can’t even start it!), it was such a big relief! all twenty pages of nothing but cost analysis, balance sheets, income statements, and journal entries. i feel so great.

now, i have time to blog 🙂