>just got my test results. it was depressing! in my income tax test, i got a 62! ouch. the consolations i got were the highest score was 74 and the class average was way lower than that. and in my cost accounting class, an 81. not bad, 85 was the highest. arg… but it’s okay, i’ll get over it.

i’m seriously thinking of changing my blog’s template. just because 🙂 but i can’t find a good blogskin out there. that won’t stop me though. just have to think of a theme really, it’s all easy after that.

been listening to liz phair a little bit too much. she’s been in my player for the past two weeks. and it’s not like i’m listening to just one song over and over, i listen to the whole damn album. she’s that good. so this morning, while taking a shower, i decided i’m done singing with liz. i put on black eye peas again so i can dance with fergie 🙂 “bounce boo with the boogie that be, you i want you to come boogie with me…”

work gave me a raise last week 🙂 plus the management (from denver, mind you!) issued me my first employee benefit – a discount card! haha! not only on motel6s across the nation, but with any accor company across the globe! pretty neat, huh? called dad right away to ask him where we wanna go next summer 🙂

has anyone notice the new poem scrolling down my page? i love that poem by jewel (duh… as always).

a graduate assistant administered our test in intermediate. he was obviously gay. he’s too, um, accessorized. i dunno, i can’t put my finger on it but let’s just say even a dog would know he is into boys. anyway, the guy did not pay any attention to me! that’s practically a first for me! should i be insulted then? haha!