>not bad for a business major, huh?

>did ciarroscurro today. not sure if i spelled that right. it means drawing light out of the dark. sounds poetic, huh? ciarro is italian for light, while scurro means dark. see, i like that etymology, gives you the meaning right to your face.

anyway, here’s the figures to draw:

and here’s my cropped work:

had a fun day in art class again 🙂

>was in a three way – twice this week

>it feels great to have rei in circulation again! that’s rei, he’ll be around in a minute but he can be gone for like months without a word. i dunno know what he’s going through right now, or what he went through, i haven’t really asked but it looks like he has turned a new leaf. that’s nice. y’all wouldn’t want him pissed, i tell you.

talked to him last thursday, then ate i.n joined in. we three slept together, haha! seriously, we did. i think ate fell asleep first (mainly because among us three, she is in the latest time zone), them moi and eventually rei. then last night, we three-wayed via yahoo messenger 🙂