>words unspoken

>we hid our passion beneath the sheets.

not even your lover knew

of my lips’ exploration

on the continents of your skin.

my fingers held on to yours

as we both whispered

someone else’s names.

should be in bed right now. just needed a poetic orgasm before falling to sleep.

>ain’t she pretty

>i have this one classmate in art class that really makes me give her a second look everytime she passes by me (she’s almost always late and i sit by the door). it’s not because she’s pretty… um, well, maybe because of that… but seriously, i think i’ve seen the face before i had this art class. then it hit me, i saw her in the papers at least twice, not including the school paper, and the school website. plus, she works in the library almost everyday. she was a newsmaker in our school. check out her story in our school site. also found her own personal site.