>art class

>enjoyed art class today. we did negative drawing which basically drawing figures that are not there.

we had this big black wall where our instructor stapled several pieces of twisted paper then told us NOT to draw the paper but rather the black spaces in between the sheets.

after blackening out all the dark spaces, we then went ahead and shaded the paper accordingly. here’s my work:

t’was a fun day 🙂

>i’m crazy for this little lady

>lately, i’ve been noticing that i’ve been waiting for this ad on tv by the gap where lenny kravitz is playing lady with saraj jessica prancing around.

she is so cuuuuute!

i never really find her pretty, maybe the long face, but watching her in the ad really makes me smile 🙂

check out the ad on this link and make sure to watch the 60-second spot. watch her when she comes out in a white fedora and black turtle neck.

>would this look good on my skin?

>I have so far three tattoos and they all mean something.

of course, my first one, is my name in kanji characters on my lower stomach. then my brothers’ and sister’s initials on my right wrist and my mom’s initials on the other wrist.

since i already have something of my asian background on my skin, i want something of american indian kind and i thought of a buffalo skull.

what do you think about this contemporary looking like skull?

>on the phone right now…

>i’m on the phone right now with ate i.n right now, and i’m telling her that i have to take the cab tomorrow since there are no buses on labor day.

kiko: kelangan ko pang mag cab bukas, wala kaseng bus.

ate: kala ko ga e walking distance lang ang school mo?

kiko: oo, e tinatamad ako.


ate: teka, e bakit may pasok e holiday? state university kayo e?

kiko: e anong gusto mong gawin ko? mag-…

ate: mag-aklas ka!!!