>rob thomas’ new single

>anyone heard thomas’ lonely no more?

now it seems to me
that you know just what to say
but words are only words
can you show me something else

can you swear to me
that you’ll always be this way
show me how you feel
more than ever, baby

well, i don’t want to be lonely no more
i don’t want to have to pay for this
i don’t want another lover at my door
it’s just another heartache on my list
i don’t wanna be angry no more
you do know i could never stand for this
so when you tell me that you love me, know for sure
i don’t wanna be lonely anymore
oh, oh, oh, oh
oh, oh, oh, oh

now it’s hard for me
when my heart’s still on the mend
open up to me
like you do your girlfriends

and you sing to me and it’s harmony
girl, what you do to me is everything
let me say anything just to get you back again
why can’t we just try


what if i was good to you
what if you were good to me
what if i could hold you till i feel you move inside of me
what if it was paradise
what if we were symphonies
what if i gave all my life
to find some way to stand beside you


i don’t wanna be lonely anymore…

>canada in pictures

>here are some pics of my lil trip in cold toronto. all pics are clickable for a bigger view.
parang grand central no?

this is the CN tower. it’s more than 1800 freaking feet above the ground. and they had glass floors!

familia perez

i should have more pictures, but most of them are still in canada. kuya wiwen promised to send me their copies. we had like five memory sticks worth of pics!

>canada bound

>i’ll be out for a while 🙂 me going to canada tomorrow! can’t wait to see my cousins over there.

i already made arrangements with work at the motel, and here in school. i still have to let my instructors know though that i won’t be around til monday. i’m flying back here tuesday morning, so i’ll probably make it to class that tuesday afternoon.

sayang though, ’cause i thought ate i.n could meet up in NY then go to MoMA, but buffalo NY is pretty far from her place. tsaka, hoy ate, we didn’t think about this, monday is a holiday, sarado ang MoMA! hmp! sige, i’ll make sure to take that summer class in DC so we can meet up this summer, ok? you have all the rights to break your foot up my ass if the year ends without us meeting, ok?

later, y’all!