>i almost shit my pants

>now i know why nbc signed 22 more episodes for medium – that’s this season and another one after that. this episode blew me away.

tonight’s episode started with allison dubois with her husband on bed, when she saw a cop’s hat on the night stand, and the next thing she knows, she is in a casket with a cop. obviously, it’s one of her dreams and visions, and this cop is of course, dead. he showed her a gun, telling her that it stays with him in his casket. then, he gave a message: “australia”. not the place, just “australia”. the phone rings, and her husband peeks inside the casket and tells her he’s gonna get it. then she woke up.

it’s scenes like these that drags me off from watching will & grace and closing my tax book. not only can patricia arquette take me to a mind-numbing trance but also the writers’ creativity of creating a twist at the end of the show. it is like watching an hour long the sixth sense every monday night.

her husband got off from the phone, apparently, he has an appointment with a doctor for a biopsy. allison got pissed off since she wasn’t told about this. and then her husband showed her this mole on his back that has to be checked if it’s cancerous. it was a big mole, the shape of australia.

she then goes to work and learned about a case where the murder weapon is missing. tada – the cop in the casket. she knows that the murder weapon is in the murdered cop’s casket. they had to get a search warrant and exhume the grave. the thing is, the DA lied! told the judge that dubois received an anonymous tip, and now the other party wants her to testify! the DA is practically telling her to lie! and another issue, the defense knows of her special gift, and they will try to discredit the search warrant.

in the mean time, something else is happening at home. her husband keep coming home late, working extra with his boss kelly. and to make things worse, allison saw a vision of her husband with some pretty lady (think kelly preston in the she will be loved vid).

now here she is, confused about her work and with her husband in her mind who might be seeing another girl. they got into this argument about lying in court and how this might affect their kids if she tells the truth. then kelly called. kelly is a guy. that debunks her vision. her husband is not cheating on her.

came day she has to testify. she did her oath and all that. the defense asked if she did have a tip from someone. she thought well, she did get a tip from a dead guy, so she said yes, she did get a tip. then the defense started asking her why someone would run to her, being a parttime worker who has been with the DA for only two months with no degree in law, he claimed that she has a “special connection” somehow with this anonymous tip. he asked her who she really is. she said, “i am not adam humrpy”. the DA was confused, the judge was lost, the jury didn’t understand. the defense put his hand over dubois’ microphone, came closer to the bench and talked to her in whispers. “i am not adam humpry who took the BAR for you after you failed the BAR three times. i am not so and so (i forgot :-P) whom you bribed to get the search warrant you needed for an old case. i am not so and so that you lalala…” allison pratically stated everything about this man! and she capped it off with “now you know who i am, so do you want to keep asking who i am for the jury in expense that they might also know who you are?” the defense folded! the courtroom was lost at this moment, not hearing what they were talking about, and the defense stopped asking any more questions. they got their search warrant.

she went home, was happy that she didn’t lie in court and that she didn’t have to expose her abilities. then they went out to have dinner in this restaurant. she leaned over and saw this kelly preston lady behind her husband, and this pretty lady started choking! her husband then stood up and started doing the heimlich (is that even how you spell that?) maneuver and for a moment, allison realized that this was exactly her vision – her husband with a pretty lady.