>SNL + paris hilton + keane

>i thought paris hilton would be an exciting host for saturday night live, not really. she was hot though. i enjoyed keane’s two performances better. they sang somewhere only we know then everybody’s changing later on.

i have a hard time understanding why the frontman of keane sings the way he does. he kinda raises his shoulders then swings his body around. it’s very, um, mentally-underveloped-y. he looks like he is missing a chromosome and his performance is only comparable to john mayer’s own rendition of missing-a-chromosome singing.

speaking of mayer, he’s currently on tour with maroon5. was reading the lastest blender mag with mariah on the cover, and by golly, mayer and levine pulled a britney-madonna-christina! and they have pictures of the two kissing on stage. *shivers*