>waiting for tomorrow’s art class

>i’m almost done with our second study in art class. amen we are doing colors now. the first one was achromatic painting, me didn’t like it. now, we are working with colors, yipee! here’s my work so far:

i like my bowl! i know it was crooked when i was doing it, pero i wasn’t aware it was THAT crooked! but still, i like the colors, the way it starts off green then transitions to this yellow but still having these streaks of yellow. and the inside, that white “stain”, i love it! i also like the orange negative space. i thought since blue is orange’s complement, maybe it would work. does it? (that’s a legit question, please answer :lol:)also, the negative space is a transition of orange’s hues, hoping to hold the composition together with the blue vertical back seat of the chair.

i still have to work on it tomorrow though, i don’t think it’s done yet. the gourd’s bottom needs proper shadows, the highlights of the twid/stalk needs work, even that green gunk on the left needs work. i bet you couldn’t guess that that green thing is a glove 😆 i still have to work on the negative space, it looks flat.