>eight, one thousand, nine, one thousand, ten, one thousand…

>i saw hide and seek last night.

pucha, disturbing! that’s my kind of movies, not gory and bloody but will plant fear in the back of your head. dakota fanning is creepy. and still, i can’t imagine that she’s only ten. my main concern when i was ten is to make sure my jeepney ride going back home won’t leave me in school. in the beginning of the movie, she was pretty much radiant and happy. and you could recognize that her two front teeth are fake 😆 but the moment her mom died, dang, she started to have these dark cicrles around her eyes which is in perfect contrast against her blue eyes. that kid was disturbed, so disturbed i am disturbed.

de niro was okay. everytime i look at him i see travis from taxi driver. i thought he could have done better, pero the first two-thirds of the movie, he just pisses me off as a psychologist trying to help his daughter move on. then he switched character in the end, pero it wasn’t working. he could have been more scary.

famke played a supporting role. not much to say, but it was worth watching her 🙂

the thing though is, it is very secret window-y. has anyone seen that johnny depp movie? if you have, well, you’ve pretty seen hide and seek.