current projects in art class

been working on two paintings since monday. it’s some sort of a “prequel” to our final project. we were asked, um, told to one: paint a picture about anything, as long as we pay attention to composition, value shifts, lalala… and all that crap; two: make a painting inspired by a song or a poem, but keep away from making literal interpretations.

so far, i’ve finished the open-content painting:
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ganda no? originally, it didn’t have that lady in the middle, but on my way out of the studio, i looked up and saw the body plasters we used last semester in my drawing class, i thought the painting would look better with it.

the second i’m having troubles with. see for yourself:
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still have two more classes to finish it anyway.

what you are looking at…

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…is a little piece of pain. the quarter is for size comparison.

last night, i was flossing my teeth. i rarely do that, almost never, and this one time i actually did, a filling came off. i was in freaking pain! i can’t eat nor drink, not even breathe in cold air! it was so damn painful.

by seven this morning, iwas already dressed up and on the phone making an appointment with a dentist. they didn’t have an opening til 9.15, which i said yes to since i am not gonna let a day pass without this bugger filled in.

half an hour later, i was gobbling down on a burrito and a guzzling two pepsis.

a break from spring break

spent my break at my dad’s place with the kids. spent too much in my canada trip, left me broke to do anything for spring break 😆 went to denver real quick last tuesday to meet granma rosie’s sister aunt martha. we picked up a very old picture of the first maes homestead. dad is starting to get gung ho on his research about the maes family, plus he has resources now with his pc and scanner and moi as his personal technician, ha!

went to bent’s fort too last thursday. pretty cool place if you’re into history and all that. place is kinda creepy though, like being suspended in time way back in the 1890s. plus you don’t really see any sign of civilization around the fort save the cars that occasionally swing by. it is sooo out there, that it makes potwin KS look like new york city.

here’s some pics:

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i’m no photographer, but i think pic i shot is pretty cool. this tree is just outside the fort near this…

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a view from top the fort. it really is a small fort, but everyone had a function in this small community. that thing in the middle is a press they use to squeeze out water from buffalo hides which was like the universal currency back then.

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they say before, just beyond the river, it was already mexico’s territory. they used the arkansas river as boundary.