>spring, summer and fall

>just got enrolled yesterday. i should be having an exciting summer! got three art classes 🙂 drawing, painting and a trip to washington dc. fall shouldn;t be that bad at all as well, since i’m only taking one accounting class, then several art classes.

can’t wait!

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>daya, hindi ako kasama!
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TOP: topless na naman si jo, ay, naka-black shirt pala! con NOT wearing her camera smile, she looks the same in any picture that she is aware that she has to smile. ji being goofy. gener, feeling sexy, haha!
BOTTOM: miss ababibba-a-babuena, my sparring partner. deej na nangangayayat, i heard ga-graduate na, amen. ate vannie, pretty as always, pero wala pa ring papa. leo, pretty in pink! angel, a wonder of nature (her tube dress is not falling off. what’s holding that dress up?!).