i think i got an A

my finals in painting is done. me happy. i kinda got a great review among my peers in the beginners class and even good comments from the higher level painters in the intermediate and advanced classes. here’s my work:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
there’s only one negative comment: it’s that straight line at the bottom. the suggestion was the keep the grass running over the wave. when i find time, i will do something kinda like this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
i have pictures of the other paintings. i’ll post ’em after finals, i’m kinda busy right now. still have to call dad to borrow his van, my painting doesn’t fit in a car!

constantine was on elimidate.

who would have thunk? here’s the link where you can download the episode. and he won, too! let’s see if he can pull this one too in american idol. but i doubt he can beat my girl carrie.

it’s late… um, maybe early

it’s past one in the morning. i can’t sleep. as mush as i want to attribute this to the fact that i just worked last night and my bio clock is all fucked up, it’s not that. i’ve been thinking again. i hate it when it is so quiet since i do my thinking then. there is a reason why i never turn off the tv when i sleep.
i always feel overwhelmed, like a deluge of worries would sweep me away. must be the weather, it’s been raining and the wind is howling. damn weather.
i got to get some sleep. i have miles to go…