another one bites the dust

took a cab on my home from work today. the guy was telling me about his friend’s nephew who just hanged himself the other day in their garage. and how it is possible that it was because of an argument with his girlfriend the night before.

now that scenario is just wrong in so many levels. the kid was just nineteen to begin with, too young to know shit. i bet he still can’t wipe his own ass without getting shit on his fingers.

having said that, somehow sinking my teeth on this mcgriddle is another good reason for living.

house of flying idiots

as i have said ever since way back, people who are in love tend to be stupid. i’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but generally it is, nor am i saying that it’s wrong, but usually it leads to something that is. what i am saying is love tends to make people less logical maybe because love is not really in the bounds of logic.

and here comes house of flying daggers, which recently came out on DVD.

i love this movie! to those who haven’t seen the zhang ziyi flick, you should. don’t mind if you have to read subtitles, use the language feature of the DVD, watch it in french if you want to. it has lots of plot twists and surprises that are so ridiculous, it kinda circles back to awesome and profound.

and the scenes! the great green bamboo thicket scene! and all the members of the HoFD in their green garbs.

no denying that this is a love story concealed behind the martial arts action, pretty much like titanic with martial arts and no ship and less waters and icebergs. and yes, someone died, and yes, it was because of love. maybe we can all be stupid sometimes.

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can’t wait!

went to the first meeting for my summer trip in dc this afternoon. what we pretty much talked about is buy the tickets now while they are still cheap, haha! which is true, since if you buy them like two weeks before we leave from springs, they jack up the price and i don’t wanna take that risk since i have a different itinerary after our trip in dc. i have to buy a multi-city ticket since i’m also heading to the east coast. funny, since my prof mentioned he doesn’t really want to go to the east coast because it is way too expensive for students but there are good museums over there like MoMA which is exactly where i want to drag ate i.n when i visit her in jersey.

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les demoiselles d’avignon, i’ll see you soon!
we are supposed to be in dc on sunday. the best time is between 4 and 6 in the evening, so we can go together to georgetown university where we are all going to stay. roy, my prof, said security would be tight, even in the dorms since we are, after all, in washington dc. i bet you we will the stench of US politics in our windows, haha! they have this rule that we keep our state IDs with us at all times, together with an ID issued by the university, and our electronic keys in our rooms as well. i ain’t complaining.

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central washington dc. click here for a closer view.
you can see georgetown on the upper left corner, not too far from the white house. by the way, roy also mentioned that the university would be crawling with interns from all over working for the white house over the summer. reminds me of monica.

first day, we head to the national gallery of art and the east building. i’m not too eager about the first day though. the collection of paintings in nga is pretty impressive – el greco, goya, some picasso. they also have an in-depth study of pollock. has anyone seen that ed harris movie pollock? that’s about him. i remember a scene when a blank white space kept flashing as the camera tightens on harris’ face – the “empty canvas”.

on our second day, we will go to the hirshhorn museum and sculpture garden, and i’ll make sure to check out their andy warhol collection. they only have four, if i’m not mistaken, and one of them is marilyn monroe’s lips:

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will also go to national museum of the american indian, a new museum, not even a year old! kinda exciting. will take pictures. make dad jealous, haha!

third day: freer and sackler galleries. we’re supposed to write a paper about this trip, and i’m thinking about writing one about one of the exhibits here. i can’t find anything interesting though, not even the ceramics of kyoto caught my fancy. i’m not into 3D art. but they do have a collection of biblical manuscripts.

last two days, we go to: the national women’s museum, the renwick gallery, corcoran museum, the phillips collection, and the dumbarton oaks collection (which i heard has a very extensive collection of byzantine studies).

roy said our schedule is pretty much open. we can also sleep in since most museums don’t open til 10am anyway 🙂 we must be in a group during the scheduled sessions though in each museum listed above, but by 4pm, we can head to anywhere we want to go. i’ll make sure to visit the vietnam memorial wall by maya lin. and right across it, the new korean memorial. my granpa was a korean veteran, you know. i wonder if he has his name there. hmmm… i’ll make sure to take a picture of it if his name is listed.