tagged by tobie.

age: 24 years old

band listening to right now: my chemical romance

career: career?

drink or smoke: don’t smoke. i compensate with the drinking.

easiest friends to talk to: i have a handful.

favorite song/s at the moment: ghost of you, chemical romance. gwen stefani’s crash sounds pretty cool, too. shakira’s la tortura (ay payita miya, guardate la poesia, guardate la alegria pati!), and la pared.

gummy bears or gummy worms: neither.

have a girlfriend: none. amen.

in love: nope.

junk food you like: not a biggie with junk food.

kids: none. wants seven 😆

longest ride ever: international flights. colorado to philippines is mind- and butt-numbing.

my favorite sports: football. do i play? god, no. learning to love the game, go broncos!!!

names for your future kids: i dunno. definitely an emma would pop up somewhere, so will arthur.

one wish you have now: a good job in the future, so i can have a career 😆

phobias: anything near my eyes.

favorite quote: hmmm… i can’t think of one right now. somehow, stieglitz’s “at last, a woman on paper!” comes up, i dunno why…

reasons to smile: ice cold vodka.

sleeping hours: not quite enough.

time you woke up: since two this morning.

unknown fact about you: i am a nice person. it’s not evident though.

vegetable you hate: i do not have the time to list them. my brother is allergic to seafood, i know people who are allergic to nuts, even some to sunlight. how come i haven’t heard of people allergies to brocolli? broccolli? brocolli?

worst habit: lazy.

x-rays you’ve had: just one that i know of, it was a requirement to get into up-diliman.

yummy foods: mexican is great, my granma’s green chili, aunt renee’s tortilla, dad’s beef stew – even better if buffalo meat is used, marie’s cooking, my taco-thingie that i love to cook.

zodiac sign: pisces.

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