looking for a J – O – B

that’s how my dad says it: J – O – B. like it’s a bad word that should not be mentioned in front of the kids, so he spells it out. and he would always say it with shivers running down his spine.

well, i’m looking for one.

i’ll be done with school this december (yee-haw!), and i see that light at the end of the tunnel (to be followed by another dark tunnel), and i’m having these jitters about getting a, er, j – o – b. i already received one rejection e-mail from this investment company in NYC, i have this one promising offer in another investment company that i really want to get into, and i just declined about five job offers here in colorado (one of which is an executive position – whatever that means – in a target distribution center in pueblo!). i haven’t heard from about twenty companies, possibly more, that i’ve applied for.

i know it’s early, two months til december, but i somehow want that security – that i have a job in the east coast when i get there. so far, i have this little plan with ate i.n some time mid december. i fly over there on a friday night, go on-line and look for rooms for rent in manhattan, check them out on saturday, and hopefully move in that sunday. no time wasted! the only thing that doesn’t fit that plan is a job! this plan will work well granting i already have a job that monday! 😆 but seriously, i could probably have that week off, just goofing around NYC, getting to know the place, figuring out how to go from work and back home, looking for a grocery shop place.

new grad jitters. i kinda love it.

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