yesterday, halloween, the school was filled with a whole bucket of crazies. i had a quiz in accounting, and comes in my classmate javan. in a cow suit. complete with udders. another classmate, brenda, asked the moment she saw him: got milk?

then i worked in the nursing department, and one of the most professional ladies i know came in a cow suit too! with a mask on, this time. and she had this bag of goodies and a sign: you have to do a trick to get your treat. and she said any trick would do so i told a joke (an old one: what’s the difference between a straight guy and a gay guy? four bottles of beer).

then on the way to the parking lot, i saw barney talking to superman after batman left them to go to the bathroom. i saw an angel smoking, too.


for the past three days, i could not turn on my notebook!!! it won’t start at all, and it kinda freezes with the desktop image, with no icons to click on, no taskbar, not even the great control alt delete could help. with my minimal knowledge of beating the crap out of the windows xp system, i got it running this morning 🙂 a sign of a beautiful day ahead of me.