you will buy this book

anne rice is back!!! and she’s writing about christ the lord — when he was seven. that was actually the first line in the book: i was seven years old.

by this time, if you have read at least two of her books, you’d know that rice likes to write in the first person perspective. this is no exception. it is the seven year old jesus talking in the book. and it is soooo cool, if you know your ancient history and theology.

the first time jesus mentioned joseph, he had to explain why he call him joseph rather than father. he is his father on the account he married his mother, but he was taught to call him joseph despite of this marriage. and he clearly said: i didn’t know why. yes, a not all-knowing jesus! ain’t that something?

breezed through the first five chapters last night, they are already in jerusalem after their seven-year stay in alexandria (a seven year old jesus, stayed in alexandria for seven years AFTER their escape from herod in bethlehem. and he is still unaware of the circumstances!), and he just met cousin john bar zeccariah (saint john the baptist!).

christ the lord: out of egypt