20 random facts

got this from con.

  • i make sure people think i do things because i’m fearless, but in fact i do things because i’m scared (moving to NY by myself, riding a rollercoaster, getting tattoos…).
  • speaking of tattoos, i have five.
  • since late this 2005, it’s still hard for me to hear mass or go in a church without choking up.
  • i make it a point to keep in touch with old friends.
  • i like dry-humping. it should be a sport.
  • my length of sleep should be in even hours (like two hours of sleep, or four, six and maybe eight).
  • i cannot flip channels on tv with the channels going up, it should always be going down.
  • i don’t know how to show my mom and dad that i love them without making the other one feeling less wanted.
  • i think ashlee simpson is hot.
  • while taking a shower or a bath, or doing the dishes by hand, i want the water to be so hot it stings.
  • i think i have a potential to be a good cook.
  • touching the back of my neck can drive me crazy.
  • like many accounting graduates, i have a secret desire to be part of the IRS.
  • i almost cried watching a walk to remember. ALMOST because i was with two girl friends when i saw the movie.
  • i feel bad for katie holmes.
  • i believe god is more understanding than all of us put together.
  • in filling up different forms, i always stop and wonder which box to tick in the “race” question since i’m more than bi-racial.
  • i also wonder how my cousins feel about that, since all my uncles and aunts (except unc eli) married non-hispanics.
  • i want to get lost in a strange place. like in the middle of europe.
  • i enjoy stealing girlfriends.
  • 5 thoughts on “20 random facts

    1. >Hmmm… ” i almost cried watching a walk to remember. ALMOST because i was two girl friends when i saw the movie.”Still trying to digest what you just said.You was two girl friends?

    2. >when we were both in high school at the same time danny would usually check the hispanic box and i would check the native american one or vice versa. my mom made the school list us as native american. i usually don’t know what to check unless it says check as many as apply to you. we never say white though and i know my dad don’t like that!

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